iPad software helps catch thief... who gets off with a caution

Editorial image
Editorial image

A woman has been cautioned for stealing an iPad after the device’s tracking software led police to her home.

The 40-year-old woman took the tablet from Ralph Lauren Kids at Bicester Village while the victim was being shown a range of clothes.

She used her partner paying at the till as a distraction technique before swiping the device from the counter.

It happened around lunchtime on January 17 but Thames Valley Police were able to use the tracking software installed on the iPad to trace it to her address in Nuneaton.

Till receipts and CCTV identified the name of her partner and a search of the voters register confirmed the exact street and house number.

An application was made to Banbury Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday last week and the woman was arrested on Thursday.

She admitted the offence during interview and was cautioned – which means the incident will appear on her criminal record.