Is a cat catcher on the prowl in Brackley?

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A CAT owner is fearing the worst after finding out her six year old family pet is one of at least nine cats to have gone missing in the last two months.

Laura Kuhn contacted the Advertiser after her grey cat Smokey went missing last weekend.

Since then Mrs Kuhn has reported Smokey’s disappearance to the police and posted notices on the Facebook site Brackley’s Real Gossip Girls.

Mrs Kuhn, who lives in Windsor Drive said: “He went missing Friday night, Saturday morning. I went on Facebook and people have been adding updates and there seems to be at least nine gone missing over the last seven weeks.”

Mrs Kuhn said she has stopped her other cats from venturing outside and added: “I have two small children and one of them cries all the time because she wants her cat back. He’s a friendly little guy, you could pick him up and put him on your shoulder.

“I just hope our worst fears don’t come true.”

Through Facebook Mrs Kuhn made contact with fellow cat owner Lisa Bowerman whose three-year-old tabby Louie went missing on March 8.

Mrs Bowerman, of Cross keys Court off Manor Road, said Louie would sometimes stay out for long periods but is certain something has happened to him.

She said: “He wouldn’t go off with anyone else he’s not the friendliest cat. It’s just seems strange that it’s only tabby and grey cats that have gone missing.”

In addition to their own pets, research carried out by both women suggest nine cats have gone missing from Manor Road, Martial Daire Boulevard and Avenue Bernard.

Croft Veterinary Centre in Banbury Road keeps a log of lost and found cats. A spokesman said some owners may not have reported their cats found, but they had seen a small increase in the number of missing cats. During March and April this year eight cats were reported missing, including one which was subsequently found. During December, January and February only five cats were reported missing.

A spokesman for Northants Police said they had only received a report of missing cats this week and while they would be looking into the disappearances that investigation would have to sit alongside many others.

Anyone with information about cat disappearances in Brackley can call police on 03000 111222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.