Is a toilet visit on your Radar?

Smoke damage at the Chandos Park disabled toilet in February
Smoke damage at the Chandos Park disabled toilet in February

People wishing to use a disabled toilet will now have to get a special key.

Due to ongoing vandalism problems with the disabled toilet in Chandos Park, Buckingham Town Council has decided to install a new secure key system.

The Radar National Key scheme will allow disabled people with a key to access the toilets but prevent others from getting in.

The Radar key system has been adopted by about 4,000 local authorities, and now has about 9,000 public toilets around the country reserved for key holders.

Disabled people can access these toilets by using a special key, costing £3 from the town council on 01280 816426.

Keys can also be purchased from Disability Rights UK on 020 7250 3222 or search under ‘Shop’ at

The new door system is due to be installed on Friday.

Mike Smith, who chairs the town council environment committee, said: “We feel that this is an important step to try and keep these toilets open for those who need them.

“It is tragic that some people see the need to constantly vandalise an important facility like this.

“Fortunately, Radar keys are not expensive and once you’ve got one it can also be used at many other locations up and down the country.”