Is investment in carbon reduction just hot air?

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A BUCKINGHAM environmentalist is calling for real action and an end to the rhetoric on the carbon economy.

During the opening of the Government’s two-day British Business Embassy on Energy summit at Lancaster House last week, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced a range of green investments including £100 million funding for two non-domestic energy efficiency fund managers, Equitix and SDCL.

Mr Clegg said the UK has the sixth largest market in low carbon goods and environmental services and the coalition Government is ‘unreservedly committed’ to helping the low carbon sector thrive.

He added: “There is a global energy revolution underway. And the UK is not going to be left behind. We’re leading from the front.”

The Government believes renewable energy could deliver between 30 and 45 per cent of the UK’s energy by 2030.

But Mike Smith, a member of the Buckingham Green Group said: “What I’m most annoyed about is all the hot air when people are not doing anything about it.

It’s alright putting funding into some outfit to do research and publish a report saying we might do this, or we might do that. What I believe it comes down to is transport. When you’re flying potatoes in from Cyprus Egypt and transporting everything via huge lorries on the motorway, that’s what’s causing the problem.

“Personally I’m getting more and more in to seasonal, locally grown produce.”