Is odour blight a thing of the past?

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Faccenda,Brackley,vox-pop.Faccenda premises.'090810M-A418
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AFTER a virtually stench free summer residents living near a chicken processing plant in Brackley fear proposals to alter transport restrictions could see a return of the blight.

For years homeowners and businesses in and around the Buckingham Road Industrial Estate have endured putrid smells which they blame on the near by Faccenda chicken plant. The plant currently processes around 2 million chickens a week and last week the company published an application for vehicle restrictions to be altered.

The firm has asked the Traffic Commissioner for permission to keep more trailers and units on its site and to remove a restriction which prevents lorries coming and going between 8pm and 6am. Last week owners and occupiers of land near the plant were given 21 days to register objections.

However Mike Langlois, who belongs to a group of residents on the Roman Estate who monitor the problem, has received a reply from the commissioner stating their concerns could not be taken in to consideration as they live too far away.

Mr Langlois said in May the firm told residents they had increased what they were spending to prevent smells escaping and added: “They have done what they said they were going to do and we’ve had a stench free summer. But there are fears there is potential for odour pollution in the event that production is increased and the current abatement system cannot cope.”

No one from Faccenda was available for comment.