Is this the ‘final nail’ for town?

Network 401 Development, Brackley
Network 401 Development, Brackley

Despite wide spread support for a major development in Brackley, some fear the impact another out of town supermarket will have on Market Place trade.

Last month developers Albion Land submitted plans to South Northants Council for the Network 401 development off Northampton Road which includes a Sainsbury supermarket, a petrol station, distribution centre and the long await health centre.

Albion believe it could create up to 1,000 jobs, but others think it could be a disaster for existing town trade.

Stuart Dancer, who had a plan for a service station off the A43 turned down last year, does not think the supermarket will bring extra people in to the town centre.

He said: “If this monstrosity of a development came to fruition, which is a good possibility - it will definitely be - the final nail in the coffin for Brackley as a nice market town.”

Robert Johnson of Brackley Butchers said people do want the health centre and the supermarket, but added: “It’s not going to be very good for the Market Place. It is going to have an knock on affect on the town centre.”

“It would be nice to see people shopping at the Sainsbury’s then popping into the town, but being on the outskirts I can’t really see it.”

A retail statement with the planning application said with a recent fall in the number of empty shops, and with several under renovation, town trade would not be ‘significantly’ harmed by Network 401.

SNC will decide on the application later this year.