'It'll double the size of the village': Buckingham Town Council oppose village developments

The councils planning committee met on January 15 to discuss the proposals
The councils planning committee met on January 15 to discuss the proposals

Buckingham Town Council has opposed plans to build 340 homes in Maids Moreton, which would effectively double the size of the village.

The council’s planning committee met on January 15 to discuss the proposals, with councillors agreeing that two different applications, both to build 170 homes at different sites around the village, need to be considered together.

The council argues that, although the plans are outside of the parish, the effect that they will have on Buckingham’s roads is too great to ignore.

Cllr Mark Cole, Chairman of Buckingham Town Council’s planning committee said: “Buckingham Town Council is opposing this proposed 170-dwelling development in Maids Moreton because of the impact it would have on the town’s infrastructure. Whilst it is not in the parish of Buckingham, the influx of another 400 plus residents and the traffic they would bring would put even greater strain on Buckingham’s roads, schools, NHS facilities and parking.”

“The proposal is that traffic from this development, which is too far from the town centre, schools and the industrial areas for people to walk to, should use either Moreton Road into the town centre or Mill Lane down to the A422.

“Both these routes are already congested at peak times, in particular the A422 junction which the developers propose should be traffic-light controlled with speed restrictions. Mill Lane itself is narrow and high-banked with no footpaths, and effectively one-way if large vans, trucks or buses attempt to use it.”

“There is a further 170-dwelling proposal pending between Maids Moreton Church and the A422 which is the subject of a planning appeal starting on January 23.

“Buckingham Town Councillors are opposing this too, on similar grounds, and are suggesting that the two applications, which if both approved would create 340 new houses in Maids Moreton, almost doubling the size of the village, should not be treated in isolation regarding traffic issues, as the latterwould create another entrance onto the A422 between the Stratford Road roundabout and Mill Lane. Any traffic plan should address both developments should they be approved.”

Foscote resident Mrs Dorothy Dunkley reiterated the council’s concerns. She said: “There is no infrastructure to support such a large

development, local schools/doctors and hospitals are already struggling with the size of the ongoing developments in and around Buckingham.

“There is little in the way of local employment opportunities so travel away from the area would be needed to gain employment, turning this new development into yet another ‘dormitory site’.”

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