It’s enough to give you a breakdown!

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A BUCKINGHAM business owner is planning to claim compensation for loss of income due to last week’s roadworks on London Road.

Ian Redding of Buckingham Ford, on Ford Street, said trade was badly affected by the week-long road closure.

He said: “We didn’t sell a single car, and we normally sell five in a week.”

And he added: “Our peak frustration was Saturday, when they closed us off from 9am to 2.15pm. You can imagine how quiet it was. It was like a wild west town.”

Mr Redding said during the previous week determined customers had been able to access the dealership despite the works, but on Saturday workmen completely closed the road.

He said: “I met one customer in Well Street and drove her car in along the pavement and down Ford Street to get to the garage.

“Another had tried to get in from every angle she could but couldn’t get through. Her car was literally breaking down.

“A couple of customers, we had to repair their cars on Chandos Road because they couldn’t get in.”

But John Ganderton, of Ganderton & Son, on Bridge Street, said: “If you want the road repaired, you’ve got to put up with it. You can’t throw your toys out over one day.”

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said: “Due to a major water leak, the work took longer than originally planned. As a result, work continued on the Saturday to reduce disruption into the next week so impacting schools, businesses and residents.

“All road closures are operated in such a way as to allow access for residents and those visiting businesses and amenities when possible. Road users requiring access can ask the gatekeeper and will be allowed to proceed unless it is unsafe to do so.”