Jailed: Woman who stabbed next door neighbour three times in drunken rage

Ryeland, Buckingham
Ryeland, Buckingham

A violent woman ‘with a terrible alcohol problem’ stabbed her next door neighbour three times after going on an all-day drinking binge.

Tina Carr, 30, has been jailed for more than three years after attacking Sarah Holmes with a kitchen knife in a drunken rage at her home on December 9.

Tina Carr

Tina Carr

Carr, who is well known to police, also pleaded guilty to scratching a male friend across the face and bottling his girlfriend, knocking her unconscious, in a separate incident on September 6.

The former heroin addict has previous convictions for 16 offences including battery, drunk and disorderly behaviour and possession of a knife and was on an 18 month suspended sentence for two previous counts of affray.

Aylesbury Crown Court heard today that shortly after midnight on December 9, police were called to Miss Holmes’ home in Ryeland, Buckingham, where paramedics were treating a woman dressed in a blood-stained onesie who had suffered stab wounds to her left leg, lower back and left upper arm.

The victim ‘reluctantly’ revealed to the police that Carr had attacked her.

She told the police that the pair had been relaxing in her home, chatting and drinking a litre of vodka between them before Carr became aggressive and began assaulting her.

Carr, who pleaded guilty, originally admitted to spending the evening with the victim, but denied stabbing Miss Holmes, claiming that she had no stab wounds when she had left the property.

Her defence barrister said it was ‘clear she has a terrible alcohol problem’ and a ‘lack of self-control’ and that she is ‘fully aware’ this needs to be addressed.

Judge Kristina Montgomery QC told Carr: “It is difficult seeing you as I see you now, sober and respectful to imagine you once you are drunk.

“Those people assaulted by you however, describe you as disillusioned, irrational, violent and unable to distinguish between your imagination and reality.

“You have a repeated history of being prepared to use whatever comes to hand to attack people around you. I am sure you are aware that you could have killed Miss Holmes and I regard you as an extremely dangerous person.”

“My sentence will deprive you of your liberty for a short amount of time. Beyond this time you will have to take responsibility for your behaviour to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

“If you do not stop associating with individuals similar to yourself and if you do not stop binge drinking you will spend the rest of your life in prison.”

Carr wept as Judge Montgomery QC sentened her to a total of three years and three months in jail.