January sale is the time to pick up a recycling bin

PEOPLE in Bicester are being urged to think about the environment when making their new year’s resolutions.

Cherwell District Council is holding a bin sale throughout January which is ideal for those looking to recycle more.

Currently 4,000 tonnes of mixed recyclables - including paper, plastic and cans - is still going to landfill each year, along with 5,500 tonnes of food waste.

But for the bargain price of just £15 per bin, residents can do their bit. The offer compares with a standard price of £20.

George Reynolds, Cherwell’s councillor for the environment, recreation and health, said: “Residents across Cherwell do a tremendous job of recycling meaning we are one of the top districts in the south east.

“In fact some are so keen that they struggle to fit all the items they wish to recycle into the bins and boxes we provided.

“But with extra bins costing as little as £15 it is a happy dilemma with a simple solution.”

Homes can have as many blue (recycling) and brown (food and garden waste) bins as they wish with no further charge for collection.

Every tonne of waste sent to landfill costs taxpayers £70 while recycling paper, card and plastic cost £10 per tonne.

And Cherwell’s new food waste recycling scheme saves £37 per tonne, creating valuable compost.

For more information on the bin discounts visit www.cherwell.gov.uk/recycling or telephone 01295 221940.