Journey to the Deep South at theme night

Chef Josh Dallaway
Chef Josh Dallaway

Buckingham’s Nelson Street restaurant is jazzing things up with its first ever theme night on Wednesday, February 25.

The restaurant, set up in 2012 by talented young Buckingham chef Louis Myhill, has chosen food from the American Deep South for the special evening which, if successful, will be the first in a regular series.

The theme is the choice of 22-year-old chef Josh Dallaway, of Brackley.

Josh said: “We wanted to do domething a bit different and have a bit of fun.

“It’s family food and home cooking you would eat outside if you were having a big family meal. It’s humble ingredients but putting our Nelson Street spin on it to bring it up to restaurant standard.”

The three-course set menu costing £25 will be served to strains of jazz and blues, the music of the south.

Starters will include corn and goats’ cheese soup and shrimp and Nelson Street’s own-recipe cornbread (suitable for vegetarians).

Main courses will include Southern fried chicken with Nelson Street’s hot sauce and collard greens. And for dessert, you could try sweet potato doughnut with bourbon caramel and vanilla ice cream.

If successful, the next theme night will be Middle Eastern cooking.Owner Sarah Myhill said she wants “to promote more understanding of the Middle East and how rich it is, and also to put something on for the many Middle Eastern students at the university”.

Josh Dallaway is pictureed with fried chicken with Nelson Street hot sauce and red cabbage slaw and a chilli mojito.