Katie Wright leading the 13th task

MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright
MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright

REMINDER: Brackley’s Apprentice star Katie Wright will be performing the ‘13th task’ when she is joined by eight fellow contestants at an exhibition of her mothers artwork this week.

Last month the Advertiser reported that Katie had ganged together with other Apprentice contestants to sell artwork on behalf of her mother Gill Gilroy.

Katie said her mother was recovering from breast cancer and has never had the confidence to assert her work on the art market.

Initially four Apprentices had signed up to help, but since then that number has doubled.

The exhibition takes place at the WeBe3 Art Studios, 84 North End Roa (opposite West Kensington underground station) London, W14 9ES, and starts at 6.30pm, Thursday, July 12.