Katie Wright still in hunt as Phoenix snatch victory

MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright
MHBG-22-03-12 Katie Wright

With the latest series of The Apprentice starring former Brackley resident Katie Wright, Advertiser and Review reporter Gavin Moore is sharing a watching brief while Alan Sugar puts Katie through her paces.

Brackley’s ‘Blonde Assassin’ went back to the house for a massage and spa this week after team Phoenix rose from the ashes of an expected defeat.

All the way through team Sterling, led by professional wrestler Ricky ‘Lord of the Ring’ Martin, looked like the clear favourites with their Battle Dance fitness class concept.

His background won him the team leader role, and as he professed to the camera: “You always witness the fitness with Ricky Martin.” Indeed his pitch went down well with the gym chains he was presented to.

Team Phoenix led by Stephen Brady looked like they had taken a risk too far by giving little thought to the equipment - hula hoops and hopper toys - for their Groove Train retro fitness class idea. Buyers just could not get around where they would store the kit, a hurdle which Stephen tried in panic to jump over by plucking figures from thin air. His defeat would have been a total embarrassment, with the fitness industry forming a big part of his CV.

Fortunately for Brackley’s Katie Wright on Phoenix, buyers did not think Battle Dance was unique enough and spent nearly £5k more on the Groove train.

While there was no question of Katie being bought back to boardroom had they lost, in the mind of this reporter, she was not given enough credit for coming up with what was the winning concept.