Last chance to save youth cafe

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THOSE who complain about anti-social behaviour have a chance to make a real difference as a youth service in Towcester fights for survival.

Earlier this month the Advertiser reported the end of Northants County Council funding stream which put Towcester’s Vision Youth Cafe at risk of closure.

This month cafe members have organised a fund raising fete and car boot sale on Saturday, April 16 in a last ditch attempt to raise enough money to keep it open.

Lisa Bolton, cafe director and chair of marketing said: “If the fund raiser is not successful the club will close, there’s no two ways about it.

“We have a number of funding bids which will come through hopefully in the next few weeks, but all of them are for small amounts. Unless we get some massive funding the cafe’s future is on the rocks.”

Miss Bolton said they need £20,000 a year and have to raise £2,000 by end of this month to keep the cafe going during the summer.

Miss Bolton added: “Really the outcome of this fund raiser determines how long we stay open.”

Chris Lofts, a member of Towcester Town Council said they will be considering if the council can offer financial assistance on Monday night.

Mr Lofts said the cafe was a valuable service and added: “Both the Town Council and the police have noticed that since Vision has been doing work with young people the amount of anti-social behaviour has drastically reduced and therefore it is a really good investment.

“Spending a bit of money on kids, in an organised way really does reduce the cost in other areas of Towcester, we don’t have to clean as much graffiti and there’s less vandalism.”

This month’s fete in Islington Road features a raffle, including a Silverstone open ticket redeemable at one of five circuit events, and a year long family pass for Towcester Ccentre for Leisure.

The boot fare starts at 7am and pitches cost £5.