Last minute addition to council budget

Cllr Peter Allen in Towcester Market Square.'130214M-C776
Cllr Peter Allen in Towcester Market Square.'130214M-C776

In a surprise decision South Northants Council this week agreed to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on providing Towcester with a new 130 space car park.

Since the council announced its plans to move out of its edge of town offices at Springfields, and into Towcester town centre as part of the Moat Lane regeneration project, many feared staff and people using civic building, would clog up the towns limited parking spaces.

Those fears intensified last month when the Highways Agency and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs made £100,000 available to redesign the Market Square parking area, slashing the number of spaces by half.

In statement Towcester councillors Andrew Grant and Andrew Wilby said incorporating spaces already part of the regeneration the town centre will be servedby 380 parking spaces.

They added: “We are delighted as local ward councillors to have been able to persuade the Council to acquire the land and to now be able to inform the residents of Towcester that your Conservative councillors do listen to the concerns you raise on the doorstep and in planning consultations.

“Tonight’s decision is further evidence of the Council’s commitment to ensure a great future for our historic town”

Towcester Liberal Democrat Martin Johns said £350,ooo was hastily added to the budget on Wednesday evening and added: “Yes Towcester needs more parking, but it needs to be in the right place, and it will be up to the people of Towcester whether this is a good use of public money.”