‘Le Weekend is one long self-pitying conversation’

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Film review by Helena Kealey.

I can’t work out why, to the point of wanting to pour my popcorn over my head and run screaming from the cinema, I so hated Le Weekend.

It was partly because Hanif Kureishi exposed, with grotesque accuracy, the open wound of a marriage ripped apart by wasted potential and middle class mediocrity.

Nick (Jim Broadbend) has failed as an academic and is now forced into early retirement. Meg (Lindsay Duncan) failed to marry someone with more balls, or to love the man she did marry. They’re both rattling at the bars of isolation, purposelessness and old age.

In spite of this, the film managed to be quite dull. It was one very long, self-pitying conversation, with a dinner party plopped into the middle.

You feel pity and simultaneous revulsion for the characters, particularly Meg as she’s unpleasant to the point of confusion. The fact that they keep stealing things is senseless and irritating.

Maybe this is a good film about boring people. Or a boring film about good ones.