‘Let’s not repeat past’s mistakes’

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PLEASE don’t repeat the mistakes of the past on Buckingham’s new estate.

That’s the concern expressed by town councillors over amendments to plans for the Lace Hill housing development, near Tesco on London Road.

Included in plans for the new estate are a new primary school and a separate community sports facility.

But at last week’s town council meeting, councillors expressed concerns over access to both amenities.

The plan for traffic access to the school is via a one-way loop round the estate’s roads, and there is no visible plan for pedestrian or cycle access to the school.

Members said school buses would have to reverse out against the one-way traffic system.

The planned pavilion and public sports pitches appear to have no parking spaces. The plan seems to be for visiting members of the public to park in the school grounds.

Members feared a re-run of the Embleton Way green space, which was found to be unusable and inaccessible and has barely been used in the last 10 years.

The developer does not have to submit final plans for the school until 350 houses on the estate are occupied.

But Councillor Robin Stuchbury told the Advertiser: “The big issue at all three town primary schools is parking. The district council and the county council have had every opportunity to get this right. It’s no good waiting till the final plans come in.

“It beggars belief that the county council, whose primary objectives are highways and education, didn’t undertake to look at the failed placements of previous school in relation to car parking accessibility.”

“You only have to look at Bourton Meadow car park as the school turns out to see what happens when you get a development wrong and you don’t think about parking for a school.”

A Transport for Bucks spokesman said the issues raised had been forwarded to the development management and education departments, which were due to meet with the developers yesterday, Thursday.