Lib Dem group support Bucks unitary proposal

Leader of the Lib Dem group at the county council Avril Davies
Leader of the Lib Dem group at the county council Avril Davies

The Lib Dem group on Bucks County Council say they unanimously support a proposal for a single unitary authority in the county.

The cross-party political group, who have long campaigned for a unitary structure, say they believe local government reform is now ‘essential.’

In a statement the group say: “The county population has increased overall, there are more older people, demand for social care for both young and old is increasing and the transport infrastructure is creaking under rising levels of traffic.

“By 2020 there will be no Government grant support and a fixed income from council tax.

“The county proposal also promotes for the very first time a model of area committees for planning and other spending, and devolving options of services to parishes.

“This is a tried and tested policy from Liberal Democrat authorities elsewhere.

“There may be other blueprints for reform, but it’s essential for Liberal Democrats that social services are not contracted out to the lowest bidder as some other models propose, but that the investment and expertise currently being developed within the county is retained for the benefit of everyone.”

Leader of the Liberal Democrat group at the county council Avril Davies said: “We are absolutely delighted that the Tories have finally committed themselves to the principle of unitary authorities.

“The strong financial arguments and prospect of big savings have prevailed.”