Library process ‘like swimming through treacle’

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THE Friends of Winslow Library are looking for volunteers to help on the group, and they particularly want to hear from people with professional skills or organisational experience.

The group was formed in January this year to register local interest in preventing their library being automatically listed for closure, and to see what could be done to keep it as part of the community.

The process, they say, has been “spectacularly difficult”.

Reporting to Winslow’s town council meeting last Thursday, mayor Llew Monger said the process of dealing with Bucks County Council (BCC) is “proving to be like swimming in treacle”.

A Friends spokesman said: “BCC has only recently begun to define what support would be available if local residents want to take on the library and, of course, what it would cost. This process involves detailed discussions about ownership of the library buildings, the use of BCC staff librarians, IT, and reservation and management of the book stocks.

“We continue to talk to them to understand what is involved, how they will support this exercise and most importantly, what resources they are prepared to commit within a service contract.

“We have a date in the diary to sit down with BCC county service to negotiate charges and grants, and agree a formal service-level agreement.

“In the meantime, we are working towards a business plan based on the known available funds to keep Winslow Library going.”

Anyone who can volunteer to help should contact Nick on or 07542 925228.