Lifeline for under-threat police office?

Winslow Police Office may still be saved
Winslow Police Office may still be saved

A police office facing closure has been handed a lifeline by town councillors who have offered to cover the rent for the next five years.

Winslow Police Office will shut its doors in May as part of cost-cutting by Thames Valley Police.

Families face having to fork out an extra 65p each month on council tax if they are to help save the small office.

But Winslow Town Council is ready to fund the £12,660-a-year running costs and has written to the chief constable of Thames Valley Police to make the offer.

The decision was made at an extraordinary meeting on Monday evening and the council is hoping an agreement can soon be made to save the office.

Town councillor Llew Monger, who has led efforts to save the office, said: “I am delighted that council has agreed to support this vital facility for our community and I’m sure that with other ongoing efficiency measures we can reduce the potential cost of this to Winslow council tax payers.”

On February 2, Thames Valley Police tweeted that the small office would merge with Buckingham in May - saving the force £12,660 a year.