Local democracy comes to a polling station near you

Polling station at Brackley Town Hall.'110505M-C210
Polling station at Brackley Town Hall.'110505M-C210

Advertiser and Review readers will be heading to the polls this Thursday to vote for their county councillors. With so much going on in national politics, there will be lots for voters to think about.

County council elections take place throughout the Advertiser and Review region on Thursday, May 2.

This is residents’ chance to have their say on who will represent the area they live in.

In Bucks, elected county councillors are responsible for spending more than £325 million annually on major public services including education, social services, roads and environmental services.

There are five electoral divisions within the Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser region – Buckingham East, Buckingham West, Great Brickhill, Grendon Underwood and Winslow.

Across the Advertiser and Review regin, polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on May 2.

There have been some changes to polling stations this year, so make sure you check on your polling card.

There have also been changes to the electoral divisions in Oxfordshire and Northants following reviews by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

In south Northants successful county council candidates will be representing 2,000 to 3,000 more people than the current county councillors.

After May 2, Northants will see the number of councillors fall from 73 to 57, including a reduction of two in south Northants.

Instead of Brackley being represented by two councillors, who also covered villages to the east and west, the town will be covered by one electoral division.

The other big change is in Towcester where the successful candidate will also have to represent Roade and its surrounding villages including Tiffield, Shutlanger, and Stoke Bruerne.

Division boundaries have been changed to reflect demographic changes.

In Oxfordshire, the old Bicester and Bicester South electoral divisions have been replaced by the new Bicester Town, Bicester North and Bicester West divisions.

The Bicester division had been represented by three councillors. Now, each of the three new divisions will have a single councillor.

Parts of the outgoing Bicester South division will also be absorbed into the new Otmoor division.

Councillor Charles Shouler, who represents Bicester South, has announced he will stand down.

The old Kirtlington & Otmoor division has now been split between the new Kirtlington & Kidlington North division and the new Otmoor division.

Here is a full list of those seeking your vote:

Bucks County Council candidates

Buckingham East

Patrick Collins, Lab

Richard Lloyd, Lib Dem

John Russell, UKIP

Warren Whyte, Con

Buckingham West

Lucy Monger, Lib Dem

Sheila Sewell, UKIP

Robin Stuchbury, Lab

Great Brickhill

Janet Blake, Con

Julian Newman, Lib Dem

Ben Saunders, UKIP

Grendon Underwood

Clare Butler, Green

Joanna Dodsworth, Lab

Dave Fowler, UKIP

Angela Macpherson, Con

Ian Metherell, Lib Dem


John Chilver, Con

John Day, UKIP

Jon Harvey, Lab

Mary Hunt, Green

Llew Monger, Lib Dem

Northants County Council candidates


Douglas Barry, Lab

Jim Broomfield, UKIP

Jane Hollis, Lib Dem

Ron Sawbridge, Con


Wes Charlesworth, UKIP

Lynda Davies, Lab

Shaun Hope, Lib Dem

Joan Kirkbride, Con


John Rawlings, Labour and Co-operative

Lisa Samiotis, Lib Dem

Allen Walker, Con

Middleton Cheney

Martin Johns, Lib Dem

Ken Melling, Con

Stafford Nash, UKIP

Bernard Rooney, Lab


Scott Collins, Lib Dem

Peter Conquest, UKIP

Lucy Mills, Lab

Ian Morris, Con

Towcester and Roade

Mike Caseman-Jones, Lab

Andrew Grant, Con

John Hughes, BNP

Chris Lofts, Lib Dem

Barry Mahoney, UKIP

Oxon county council candidates

Bicester North

Steve Creed, Lib Dem

Barbara Fairweather UKIP

Lawrie Stratford, Con

Mohammad Tariq, Green

Steve Uttley, Lab,

Tony Walton, Ind

Bicester Town

Alan Bickley, UKIP

Samantha Bowring, Lib Dem

Polly Foster, Lab

Fiona Mawson, Green

Michael Waine, Con

Bicester West

Norman Bolster, Con

Darren Cain, UKIP

Elizabeth Fleming, Lib Dem

David Newman, Green

Steve Sargeant, Lab

Les Sibley

Kirtlington and Kidlington North

Trevor Blake, Lab

Paul Clifton, UKIP

Anthony Gearing, Con

Glyn Sparkes, Green

Doug Williamson, Lib Dem


Dickie Bird, UKIP

Nicholas Cotter, Lib Dem

Tim Hallchurch, Con

Andrew Hornsby-Smith, Lab

Graham Newell, Green.


Sebastian Fairweather, UKIP

Catherine Fulljames, Con

John Innes, Lib Dem

Jenny Tamblyn, Green

Sean Woodcock, Labour & Co-operative.