Lock up and don’t become an easy target

Police tape
Police tape

In the last 12 months more than a fifth of house burglaries took place after householders left windows and doors unlocked, according to figures from Northants Police.

Detective Inspector Nick Lyall, said these types of offences were preventable and there were some simple steps to make life harder for thieves adding: “We appreciate that we repeat this message year after year, but we tend to see an increase in burglaries at this time of year as a result of people leaving windows and doors open while their property is left unattended.

“Many burglars are opportunists - they will take advantage of an unlocked door or window. It may seem obvious advice but it’s important to get into the habit of locking all doors and making sure all windows are secure every time you go out and when you go to bed.”

For crime prevention advice visit www.northants.police.uk/crimeprevention.