Loo ban causes parish stink

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A PARISH council toilet has caused a right stink after members of the public were BANNED from using it during meetings.

The bizarre ban at Deanshanger parish offices has set up such a chain of protest that the councillors could face being taken to court.

One parishioner flushed with anger is Paul Sumedho, who has launched a campaign called ‘Put the Pee back into Parish.’

He was outraged when a sign saying ‘Private. Council only’ appeared on the single loo at the council’s Old School House offices, frequently used for meetings up to three hours long.

“Council meetings are meant to be open and accessible to the public and this includes the basic human right of being able to take a pee,” he said.

Paul challenged the council and received a reply from chairman Martyn Hall, who is a police officer.

Mr Hall wrote: “I would estimate that 99.9 percent of parishioners live within five minutes of the office and so nobody is ever far from a WC....I suspect the reality of any parishioner being inconvenienced is almost certainly nil.’

This week the complaint has reached Northants County Council and is under investigation, one parish councillor revealed to the citizen.

He said: “Apparently we could face litigation if we refuse to take this sign down.

“The whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It was started by a man who has never been refused to use our toilet but who was determined to kick up a stink.

It is understood the sign was put up because the Old School House loo did not meet regulations for public disabled access.

“If we are expecting a large turnout of parishioners we have our meetings in the community centre – which is fully equipped with toilets,” said the councillor.

The bottom of the controversial sign gives the disclaimer ‘except in an emergency’.

Said the councillor: “If someone was genuinely in need we would always let them use our toilet.”