Lucky Floyd makes it home three years on

Jasmine with Floyd Sept 2013. Cat went missing for three years
Jasmine with Floyd Sept 2013. Cat went missing for three years

Cherwell Cats Protection charity has reunited a Brackley resident with her cat after nearly three years.

Floyd went missing soon after his owner moved to Brackley from Norfolk in 2011.

Last year, the charity was contacted by a lady in Croughton who had been looking after a stray cat for some time and, after taking him to the vets, found that he had been micro-chipped.

Through the chip the charity was able to contact the owner, who quickly identified the stray as Floyd.

Floyd had been with his owner since he was a kitten and although he appeared to be a much older cat when he was found due to his unkempt condition, he was only three years old.

Pat Murdoch, Cherwell Cats Protection co-ordinator said: “It is quite a mystery how Floyd travelled from Brackley to Croughton, but thanks to the kind lady who took him in and his being micro-chipped he is now home where he belongs and his owner is overjoyed to have him back.”

Cherwell Cats Protection covers Bicester, Brackley and Banbury.

The charity’s aim is to bring unwanted or stray cats into care and then to rehome them.

While in the charity’s care, the cats are vet checked, treated for any medical problems and, if necessary, neutered.

Cherwell CP relies on volunteers who foster cats until they can be rehomed.

Anyone interested can ring Pat on 07716 596212 to find out more.