MAKING THE NEWS: Four-car horror crash and fox mauling

The front page of the Advertiser 25 years ago
The front page of the Advertiser 25 years ago

The Advertiser looks back at the front page stories from this week in 1964 and 1989.

This week in 1964, a schoolboy killed on the road was walking home in the dark with his back to traffic, an inquest found.

The van driver dipped his headlights for an oncoming moped but it was ‘too late’ to see the 15-year-old from Nash.

Inspector Edward Campbell was wished a fond farewell after two-and-a-half years of service and the price of the Advertiser was upped from 3d to 4d.

This week in 1989, a Winslow pensioner died at the wheel of his Capri after a four-car horror crash on a blind brow of the A413. Four other people were injured.

And a couple’s Christmas was ‘soured’ by watching a fox crash through their conservatory and be mauled to death by a hound. Angry villagers began campaigning to stop Boxing Day hunts through residential areas.