Man who slept through fire alarm is rescued

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Firefighters rescued a middle-aged man from his flat in Winslow on Sunday night after a fire broke out in his kitchen while he was asleep.

Crews from Winslow, Buckingham and Bletchley were called to the fire, in Buckingham Road, just after 10.30pm when neighbours heard the smoke alarm but got no answer when they knocked on the door.

Crew manager Mark Illing from Winslow Fire Station said: “The neighbour looked through the letterbox and saw smoke, and that’s when they called us.” Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus had to break into the flat and wake the man up before leading him to safety.

Mr Illing said: “He’d gone to sleep in the bedroom and shut the door so he wasn’t affected by the smoke.

“He walked out with us.

“He was quite grateful in the end.

“The neighbours did a good job really, because he seemed to be in a deep sleep.”

Firefighters used a hose reel to put out the fire, which had started when a pan was left unattended on the cooker.

They used a large fan to clear away the smoke.

Mr Illing said: “This fire has illustrated the importance of not leaving your cooking unattended. It only takes a moment’s distraction for a fire to start in your kitchen.”

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