Manager will strive to overturn Ofsted rating

Tiny Tows Pre-School children with staff and manager Lisa Skey (back, right)
Tiny Tows Pre-School children with staff and manager Lisa Skey (back, right)

A pre-school manager has vowed to reclaim a ‘good’ rating after government inspectors told her she must make improvements.

Tiny Tows Pre-School, based at Towcester Primary School, was visited by Ofsted which dropped its grading down from a ‘good’ rating in 2010 to ‘requires improvement’.

Inspectors said to move back up, the pre-school needs to introduce parents to their child’s assigned ‘key person’, who helps newcomers settle in.

It was also told to use children’s needs to plan more challenging experiences and the manager must monitor the accuracy of assessments.

But manager Lisa Skey, who has written to tell parents that changes will be made, thinks Ofsted would already notice a difference.

She said: “They’ve stepped up the goals to get but I’m confident if they came back in two weeks, we would get a ‘good’.

“There were no major issues there we just need to go more in depth on planning.

“It’s about striving for the best. At first, we were disappointed but then we thought, well, the children are happy.”

The pre-school, which opened in 1999, has 36 children aged two to five who are cared for by eight members of staff.

But Miss Skey said Ofsted visited while they were still adjusting to new management roles.

She said: “We have a new management team and it’s hard to implement the changes right away.”

The report said children are kept safe and have regular outdoor playtime to ‘promote health and wellbeing’ while staff ensure they are ‘well prepared’ for transition into the primary school.