Masons’ cash will help those suffering from spinal injuries

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WINSLOW Freemasons have won praise for helping to transform the lives of people with spinal cord injuries.

Five groups which meet at the Eliot Hall, on Church Street, Winslow, made regular donations to the Freemasons Grand Charity, which has agreed to give £29,000 to the Spinal Injuries Association over three years.

The first tranche of £9,000 was handed over to the association by Mike Stimson, assistant head of Winslow and Bucks Freemasons, when he visited disabled people at the charity’s Milton Keynes headquarters.

Mr Stimson says: “I am so grateful to the Winslow Freemasons and other Grand Charity donors. They have really lived up to our values of friendship, decency, and charity.”

Executive director of the Spinal Injuries Association, Paul Smith, said: “The Winslow Freemasons’ efforts will enable us to offer support and assistance throughout a paralysed person’s life, increase knowledge and awareness of the causes and consequences of spinal cord injury, and campaign for improved medical and social care.”