Mayor unveils silent soldier war memorial

The Mayor of Buckingham unveiled a silhouette of a First World War soldier outside the council chambers on Wednesday morning as part of the town’s ongoing centenary remembrance programme.

Mayor Jon Harvey was joined by deputy mayor Mark Cole, Buckingham town councillors, members of the Buckingham and District Royal British Legion (RBL), including chairman Andrew Cooper, and members of the public for the moving ceremony.

Buckingham town council with silent soldier

Buckingham town council with silent soldier

The town crier kicked off proceedings with a spirited call to attention before Andrew Cooper gave an emotional reading of a segment from the famous poem by Laurence Binyon ‘For The Fallen’ ending with the words “we will remember them.”

Speaking to this paper, Mr Cooper said:

“I think it’s a national remembrance of those millions of men and women who suffered during the First World War. The world would be a very different place had the outcome been different in 1918.”

After the RBL chairman had read the poignant verses, the mayor briefly added a few words before unveiling the memorial, noting that the 8 August was also the anniversary of the start of the Battle of Amiens which proved to be the allies final offensive.

Silent soldier memorial

Silent soldier memorial

After the ceremony, Mayor Jon Harvey said:

“I think it’s really important that we never forget the people who died as a consequence of the First World War.

“But of course we remember them with a purpose and that purpose must be to stop it happening again. Fortunately we live in an age where far fewer people are dying in armed conflicts around the world. That’s a good trend and let’s carry on that trend.”