Meet the team behind proposed new school

Catherine Stoker,spokesman for The Sir Thomas Fremantle School in Winslow.'120718M-B238
Catherine Stoker,spokesman for The Sir Thomas Fremantle School in Winslow.'120718M-B238

There’s a chance for parents to meet the team behind the proposed new free school for Winslow at the Bucks Schools Fair at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre tomorrow, Saturday.

Members of the steering group of the Sir Thomas Fremantle School will be at the fair, from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Spokesman Catherine Stoker told the Advertiser: “We are very keen that parents get to know who is behind the school and that they feel they can ask questions about the vision for the school, how plans are progressing and how to make an application to join the school in September 2013.”

Free schools were introduced by the coalition government, making it possible for parents and teachers to set up their own schools.

They are state-funded non-selective and free for parents. Free schools are outside council control, giving heads and governors more control.

Mrs Stoker said the Education Funding Agency will soon be starting discussions with Bucks County Council about the possibility of using the Winslow Centre as a site for the school.

And she added: “We have started the process for recruiting a principal designate. Interviews will be in early October and response to our advertisement has been strong.

“We are also recruiting a project manager with previous expertise in setting up new schools to guide the project along.”

The plan to open the new school means parents in Winslow and the surrounding area have an extra choice they can consider when deciding what secondary school they want their children to go to.

For 2013 only, the Sir Thomas Fremantle steering group is handling its own admissions applications.

Parents can apply to Sir Thomas Fremantle as an extra secondary school choice, in addition to the choices they make on their Bucks County Council application form.

The school is now receiving applications for Years 7, 8 and 9. Visit

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