‘Moment in time’ for female police officers and staff in Northamptonshire as they mark 100 years of women in policing

Picture: Northamptonshire Police
Picture: Northamptonshire Police

Female officers and staff from Northamptonshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner joined together to mark the centenary of women in policing.

This year is the centenary since the UK’s first warranted police office.

Chief Inspector Fay Tennet said: “The service has come a long way and women play a vital, frontline role in all we do, whether you are a firearms officer, forensic expert, assistant chief constable, response driver, police community support officer, member of support staff or volunteer.

“This was an opportunity to celebrate how far we have come and to have a ‘moment in time’ to remember all those women who have made the police service great and are building for the future.”

Forces across the country will also be marking the centenary with the International Association for Women in Policing also holding its annual conference in Cardiff later this year.

Chief Inspector Tennet added: “The women of Northamptonshire Police have already had some great successes this year in that two police officers and a member of staff having received national awards from the British Association for Women in Policing for Bravery and Volunteering.”

This year also marks the first time which Northamptonshire Police has had three female chief inspectors in the force.

Assistant Chief Constable, Rachel Swann: “Today was an important opportunity for Northamptonshire Police to celebrate the role that females play within the service.

“It was a proud moment for me to line up with a large number of my female colleagues to commemorate the 100 years.

“‎Women continue to have a vital role in the police family and today helps recognise this for those currently serving officers and staff and for those who have led the way before us.”