Monster sighting in village pond

Stephen Harper and his daughter Samantha
Stephen Harper and his daughter Samantha

A 20 ft monster has been spotted in a village pond, putting ducks and geese on red alert.

The Gawcott Ness Monster is living in the Preston Road pond and is fascinating passers by.

But luckily for the ducks and the children that often feed them, the monster was built by pond owner Stephen Harper who lives across the road.

Mr Harper, 58, a design engineer, said: “It seems to be causing a bit of a stir. There are lots of smiles and photographs and you can hear the children squealing and laughing by the pond. It’s nice.

“I saw a Redline bus stop the other day and they all got out to take photos.”

With the help of his oldest daughter Samantha, 19, Mr Harper built the monster out of ‘odd bits at the house.’

He used left-over plastic piping from a job at a hospital, paint bought accidentally and polystyrene pieces to assemble the beast in a week.

Mr Harper and his wife Judith have lived at their Gawcott home for 32 years, in which time they have fostered 80 children. They are caring for seven at the moment.

Mr Harper said: “Their street cred has rocketed at their local schools because they live with the monster.”

He said part of the inspiration for the Loch Ness Monster design was a ‘passion for Scotland’ as his family have regularly visited friends there.