More than 700 crimes left unsolved by police

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More than half of crimes reported in Bicester lead to no prosecution last year – in many cases because police couldn’t find the suspect.

No further action was taken on more than 700 crimes in Bicester because the investigations were ended.

This makes up more than half of the year’s reported crimes, and the cases fell through either because the suspect couldn’t be prosecuted or there was no suspect altogether.

The top two crimes for the year in Bicester were anti social behaviour and shoplifting, making up a significant 39% of all crime in the area.

Reports of antisocial behaviour was highest during the 2014 summer holidays while the schools were on a break.

Together with the rest of the year’s criminal activity, including possession of a weapon, criminal damage and arson, made July the highest month for reported crime overall.

A large number of violent and sexual crimes happened in Bicester last year too.

Over 260 people reported a violent or sexual crime last year, meaning on average, around 20 violent or sexual offences occurred every month.

The figures were published on Thames Valley Police’s Crime Maps database, which sorts crime figures across the county by area.

To report a crime, contact the local police at Banbury Police Station, or call 101.