Mother and daughter’s base camp adventure

Christine and Amber Griffiths
Christine and Amber Griffiths
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A mother and daughter from Botolph Claydon will be trekking to Everest Base Camp in November, to raise money for a charity that supports victims of domestic violence.

Christine Griffiths, aged 60, and her daughter Amber, aged 17, leave England on November 14 to fly out to Kathmandu for the journey of a lifetime.

After spending the night at ahotel in Kathmandu, they will take an early morning flight to Lukla, for the first day’s seven or eight-hour trek, reaching Base Camp about 10 days later .

Mother-of-six Mrs Griffiths, who has lived in Botholph Claydon for 27 years, works as a night care assistant at Swan House in Winslow.

She told the Advertiser the trip is her ‘wildest dream’.

She said: “I’ve always loved Everest. It’s the highest mountain in the world and I’ve always wanted to see it.

“But I knew I’d only be able to make it to base camp, I wouldn’t be strong enough to make it to the top.

“I wanted to do something that would push me to the highest level. And I wanted to do it for domestic violence.”

Mrs Griffiths and Amber aim to raise £4,400 for Refuge, which provides emergency accommodation and emotional and practical support for women and children who experience domestic violence.

And although Mrs Griffiths was keen to make the trip, Amber, who attends the Buckingham School, needed a little persuading.

“I did get her a pug puppy to bribe her to come with me,” said Mrs Griffiths.

Now mother and daughter are preparing to swap hair straighteners and mascara for walking boots and thermal undies, as they prepare for the 120km ascent to 5,332m.

Last weekend they completed their fourth training session in Snowdonia.

Mrs Griffiths said: “When I asked Amber in the beginning, she said: ‘OK Mum, I’ll do it.’

“But at the weekend when we were climbing in Snowdonia, she said: ‘Oh Mum, do we have to?’

“I have had to promise her a beach holiday next year!”