Motor racing team make appearance in Buckingham town centre to promote church's alpha course

The Jesus Saves racing team made an appearance in Buckingham town centre at the weekend to promote the parish church's latest alpha course, which begins next week.

Thursday, 17th January 2019, 10:16 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 5:33 pm
Jesus Saves Formula Ford racing team with their Van Dieman 78 car in Buckingham. The purpose of their visit was to promote the alpha programme. Team organiser David Sweeney, left and young visitor Hunter Cann, driving, with local supporters.

The Jesus Saves racing team was formed in 1978 by former Formula One driver Alex Ribeiro and a group of engineers, mechanics and friends.

The name for the team came about because of Alex's commitment to Christianity which led to him racing with the phrase 'Jesus Saves' on his vehicle.

The team raced at the top level of motorsport until 1982 and after a 33 year break returned in 2015 when they competed in the pre 82 Classic Formula Ford Championship.

Jesus Saves visited Buckingham with a version of the Van Dieman 78 car which passers-by were able to look at and sit in.

The purpose of the team's visit was to promote the 12-week alpha course at Buckingham Parish Church which starts on January 23.

Team manager of Jesus Saves Racing David Sweeney explained more about the course saying: "The course is free and starts at 7.30pm on January 23 at Buckingham Community Centre.

"The evening will generally consist of some refreshments, a video and then discussion about the topics raised."

The parish church's website describes the course as 'a short, practical introduction to the Christian faith in a relaxed setting.'