Mr Pothole hits £1 million in road repairs as major scheme starts in Brackley

Mark Morrell
Mark Morrell

Brackley’s Mr Pothole is celebrating as work gets under way on a major road repair scheme in the town, meaning he has brought £1m of investment to local roads.

Mr Pothole, better known as Mark Morrell, has been campaigning about potholes locally for more than two years.

Work has started on Waynflete Avenue and Westhill Avenue in the town, a scheme costing some £500,000.

And his campaign has drawn attention from across the UK, the USA, Canada, India, South Africa and Japan.

Mr Morrell said: “I started just over two years ago campaigning about potholes in Brackley. Since then it’s gone global really.

“They’ve start the work on Waynflete and Westhill, and if you take into account other works I’ve campaigned for in the Brackley area, it adds up to about £1m.

“Someone on Twitter said I should be known as the £1m campaigner, or the £1m crusader.

“When I started I was asked what would make me happy, and I said when Westhill is done. But that’s not the end of it.

“Potholes are annoying for motorists, but they can be really dangerous. That’s why I started because there was a dangerous one in Brackley that people would avoid, and I knew if it wasn’t fixed they’d be an accident.

“People have been killed by potholes, cyclists injured after hitting them.

“I’ve seen potholes left unfixed in pedestrian crossings outside care homes. I’ve spoke to disabled people kept awake by the noise from them.

“People suffer financial loss due to the damage they cause, and nationally pothole are estimated to cost the economy £3bn a year.”

Mr Morrell says the key has been using social media, being persistent, knowing the law and engaging with councils.

He said: “I have to say Northamptonshire County Council have been good. Rather than ignoring me they’ve engaged with me.

“I try not to whinge and I try to be fair to the highways departments because they have pressures with regards to money.

“But if you ignore me, I’m like haemorrhoids. I’m everywhere you go but there’s no cream for me.”

Mr Morrell said he will always keep campaigning for potholes in local roads, but he is now looking at problems in Derbyshire.

He said: “I look out for the good, the bad and the ugly.

“There’s been one or two good councils for road repairs.

“There’s plenty who are bad, and there’s several that are ugly and have real problems.”