Mr Pothole’s quest for worldwide domination

Mark 'Mr Pothole' Morrell
Mark 'Mr Pothole' Morrell

Mr Pothole is set to appear on Japanese TV and thinks a world pothole day could be on the horizon.

It comes after the first ever National Pothole Day on Thursday when Twitter newsfeeds were flooded with tweets and pictures of our potholed roads.

Groups up and down the country got involved and some even printed their own National Pothole Day high-vis jackets and mugs.

Brackley Town councillor Mark Morrell, who campaigns on social media as Mr Pothole, was interviewed by Fred Dinenage for ITV Meridian news on Thursday night and appeared on the Good Morning Britain sofa last week.

He came up with the idea of a social media bomb to whip up interest and make MPs take notice.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Morrell: “Twitter has been going berserk – the response has been brilliant.

“Businesses have got behind it and it’s become a bit of a phenomenon on social media and it should peak this evening when people are back from work.

“I’ve had retweets from Fix Our Holes in New Orleans and everyone has been tweeting a Highways Act to David Cameron.

“It also looks like Mr Pothole will be on Nippon Television in Japan when they show Pothole Britain on February 2.

“So maybe a world pothole day? But I don’t want to get carried away. It’s just been wonderful to get the message across like we have.”