Much loved Reverend will be greatly missed

Paper front page for the web.
Paper front page for the web.

The Rev’d Douglas Bond, a former Rector of Abthorpe in the 1980’s, has died at the age of 71 in a residential community of retired Anglican clergy known as the College of St Barnabas at Lingfield in Surrey.

As a younger man Father Douglas, was an enthusiastic member of the Scottish Episcopal Church that forms part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. At the age of 35 he entered Edinburgh Theological College and was ordained Deacon in 1976 and Priest a year later.

He became a non-stipendiary minister at the Church of St Paul and St George until 1983, whereupon he moved south of the border to become our priest serving the parishes of Silverstone, Abthorpe and Slapton. In 1989 he moved on to become a priest in the City of Peterborough and later was appointed to the nearby parishes of Harpole and Kislingbury.

When he retired in 2004 Douglas moved to a cottage very close to Towcester Tea Rooms and became a familiar sight in the town. During his retirement he assisted the Rev’d Paul Broadbent in the villages of Pattishall, Cold Higham, Gayton and Tiffield. Declining health caused him to opt for residence at the College of St Barnabas where he was very happy and well cared for. He was able to attend the daily Masses and keep in touch with his many friends via e-mail and the telephone.

Douglas was considered a computer expert as well as being a very competent and delightful organist. He had a strong and musical tenor voice.

Sadly Douglas died very suddenly and had formally declared to the College of St Barnabas that he had no next of kin. The College is making the funeral arrangements and has a good idea of the kind of service he would have wanted from his comments about other residents’ funerals. It is anticipated that his funeral will be during the week commencing Monday, April 4.