Mum calls for action on danger spot

The zebra crossing in Winslow High Street near Cantell's.'120315M-B319
The zebra crossing in Winslow High Street near Cantell's.'120315M-B319

A WINSLOW childminder is pressing for a pelican crossing to be installed at a well-known danger spot.

Vicky Cochrane says the zebra crossing on Winslow High Street near the junction with Avenue Road, is “an accident waiting to happen”.

And she’s written to Transport for Bucks (TfB) asking them to install a pelican crossing there instead.

Mrs Cochrane said: “I wrote to them because I’m concerned about the danger. A lot of parents I see every day on the school run agree with me it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Peter Chapman from TfB’s Casualty Reduction Team told Mrs Cochrane he has checked police records for the last 20 years and there have been no reported injury collisions. He said this means the risk of a collision is low and the crossing is not a priority for upgrading to signal control.

But he said the carriageway markings are worn, and will be refreshed within the next six to eight weeks.

Two more members of the public spoke out about the danger of the zebra crossing at Winslow’s annual town meeting last week, as did Mayor of Winslow, Llew Monger.

Terry Capstick said: “It’s a deathtrap. Last week a lady was a quarter of the way across when a motorist zoomed past.”

Mrs Cochrane told the Advertiser: “It’s only because people know it’s a danger spot that nothing has happened.”

And she’s urging people to write to Chapman about their near misses on the crossing, from either a driver’s or a pedestrian’s perspective, and copy their letters to Winslow Town Council.

Contact Peter Chapman at County Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UY or email him at