Mum’s making a show of herself at MK Gallery!

The Story of Mum...your chance to shine in New York!
The Story of Mum...your chance to shine in New York!

A rolling tour launching in Milton Keynes on Saturday will gather mums, not moss, promise organisers!

Mother and daughter team Penny and Pippa Best created, an online community of ‘brave mamas doing uplifting thought-provoking, downright silly creative stuff together to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood.’

And they want you for their show!

On Saturday you are invited to Milton Keynes Gallery for a Family Make Day, an event with puppets, crafting, photography, kid’s snacks, tea and cake.

Go on, get stuck in!

While there, you can also join the exhibition, and make a show of yourself. Literally.The tour will gather all sorts of stories, photos and creative stuff from mums and families wherever it goes...and we should say the tour is already confirmed for Penzance and London, before it rolls into the Museum of wonderful New York!

Saturday’s gallery event will welcome you between midday and 4pm, but even if you can’t make it, you can still go on-line and get involved at

What does being a mum mean to you?

Go and share your feelings and have some fun while you connect, create and celebrate...