Musician’s five minutes of TV fame

Musician Robert Secret
Musician Robert Secret

Buckingham man Robert Secret is used to being in the spotlight as a viola player and musical director of the Orchestra of Stowe Opera.

But on Monday, Robert appeared on TV in a cameo role in the BBC1 romantic comedy I Want My Wife Back, after a fellow musician suggested Robert for the part of an ageing violinist, Enzo, in an Italian restaurant scene.

Robert said: “The series is set in Brighton but we actually filmed in an Italian restaurant near Hampton Court. The scene in the restaurant that I was in took the best part of two days to shoot and I really enjoyed the whole experience.

“Days of filming were long. We had to be at the place where costumes, make-up, meals, etc happen at 7am. When we had changed, we were taken on location and the day finished at 7pm. Much of the time you sit around doing nothing but you have to be prepared to go on.

“The whole cast were very friendly and helpful. By chance, Dan Westwood, who played the part of a waiter, was an old boy of Stowe School.

“I do not imagine I will ever do anything like it again but it was a wonderful time with some amazing people.”