NAG meeting told that crime figures are down

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Buckingham and Maids Moreton residents attending the Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) annual meeting last week heard that changed shift patterns and other initiatives have reduced year-on-year crime figures in north Bucks.

Reported crime and serious acquisitive crime were down on 2011 figures, and town centre events were largely uneventful.

NAG chairman Mike Smith explained the steps taken during the year to reduce late-night noise and heavy goods vehicles misrouting through the town, and curtail speeding.

He mentioned the steps being taken by the university to curb the worst excesses of some students, and the new road signage for heavy lorries.

The meeting agreed the main priorities for the year ahead will be anti-social behaviour, including ‘joy-riding’ and drink/drug related issues; problems (including noise) associated with the night-time economy; litter (including waste and recycling issues); and speeding.

To find out about the NAG, call Mr Smith on 01280 822215.