Nearly half of Bucks residents don’t exercise enough – and we’re lazier than the national average too

More than a quarter of Bucks residents exercise for less than half an hour a week
More than a quarter of Bucks residents exercise for less than half an hour a week
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Nearly half of Bucks residents are not exercising regularly enough, according to a new study to mark National Walking Month.

It shows 26% of us do less than half an hour’s activity a week - 3% lower than the national average - and 43% fail to meet the current recommendation of 150 minutes a week.

The statistics compiled by Sport England have been released to mark National Walking Month throughout May and Bucks County Council’s public health team is encouraging people to get walking to boost health.

Tips from its physical activity strategy include walking to work or school - or at least part of the way - and enjoying lighter evenings with walks through parks.

Walking for just 30 minutes a day, five days a week, can reduce the risk of heart disease by a quarter while lowering levels of stress, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Chairman of the Bucks health and wellbeing board Patricia Birchley said: “It’s so important for us to address our lack of physical activity.

“And I’m glad that we’ve now got this excellent strategy in place to help us encourage people to gain the health benefits of just a little more exercise.”

Jane O’Grady, director of public health for Bucks, said: “Physical activity can be fun and it’s great for both physical and mental health, whatever your stage of life.

“And to emphasise the importance of staying active throughout life, we’ve adopted the motto for the strategy of ‘start young, keep going, don’t stop.”