Neighbourhood plan ruling is ‘the best Christmas present’

Yes4Winslow campaigners outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Yes4Winslow campaigners outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Christmas came early for Winslow residents when they learned that the latest threat to their neighbourhood plan has been thrown out.

The Winslow Neighbourhood Plan, which was ‘made’ following an overwhelming 98.2 per cent Yes vote in a public referendum in July, had come under attack from speculative developers Gladman.

Gladman applied for a Judical Review of the plan-making process, in a bid to get the plan quashed. Campaigners wearing pink Yes4Winslow T-shirts travelled to the Royal Courts of Justice in London to show support as AVDC defended their plan.

The judge was not expected to make a ruling until early in the new year.

But last Thursday, the Hon Mr Justice Lewis issued a 30-page judgment dismissing all of Gladman’s claims.

The judgment concludes: “the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan is lawful. This claim for judicial review is therefore dismissed.”

Chairman of the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan steering group, Llew Monger, said: “It’s great news for all of the people involved in producing the plan, it’s great news for the community and it’s great news for the 1,200 communities across the country who are currently involved in creating neighbourhood plans.

“We are obviously grateful to AVDC and their barrister Hereward Phillpot for defending this so positively.

“It’s the best Christmas present we could have had.”

Gladman has been refused permission to appeal.