New book remembers men from Padbury who died in World War One

Bob Osborn and Ken Roberts present their book to Buckingham library
Bob Osborn and Ken Roberts present their book to Buckingham library

A book ‘Remembering Padbury’s Fallen’ which details the lives of 17 men from the village who died in the First World War, has been published by Padbury Sick Benefit Society as part of their armistice centenary commemorations.

The book, written by Bob Osborn, chairman of the Padbury Sick Benefit Society and Ken Roberts, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Army Medical Corps, is intended to make each gentleman more than just a name on a memorial.

Mr Roberts said: “We have attempted to make them real people again, by placing them in the setting of their home village, their families and friends.”

The inspiration for the book, which took three years to research and write, came from a speech given by Sam Tearle at the 2014 Society Feast in which he referenced the villages honour roll on the wall of the village hall.

At that moment it occcured to the authors that all of those men had probably once sat in the hall, and the idea for the book soon followed.

Remarkably, research revealed that the name of one gentleman, Private William Grimsley of the Royal Army Medical Corps, had been omitted from the roll of honour.

Private Grimsley died when a hospital ship he was on was torpedoed.

Needless to say, the oversight has now been corrected.

Fittingly, the retired Lieutenant Colonel said: “We believe that we have met our aim for no Padbury man who died in the Great War to be forgotten.”

The book is available from the Old Gaol Museum bookshop at £18 each.