New chapter in work of legendary folk band

Steeleye Span. Picture: Rebecca Cresta
Steeleye Span. Picture: Rebecca Cresta

Legendary British folk band Steeleye Span will be playing at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre on Monday, December 2, as part of a UK tour to promote their newly released Wintersmith album.

With a career that has taken in four decades, Steeleye Span helped change the face of folk music for ever, taking it from tiny clubs and festivals into the world of chart-topping albums and international tours.

In its time, Steeleye Span has provided a home for a long list of some of the world’s finest musicians, including Martin Carthy, John Kirkpatrick, Tim Harries and Bob Johnson.

In 2011, the band was joined by guitarist Julian Littman and multi-instrumentalist Peter Zorn.

With them in the current six-piece line-up, established over the last two years, are Maddy Prior, the voice of the band for all but five of their 42 years together, who has also enjoyed a successful solo career and series of collaborations; Peter Knight, fiddle player extraordinaire; Rick Kemp who first picked up the bass in Steeleye Span in 1972 and was part of the band’s greatest commercial success in the following years; and drummer Liam Genockey, another legendary name in the Steeleye circles, a musician who is equally home playing jazz and world music.

With their new album, Steeleye Span are entering a new exciting chapter, inspired by the work of British author Terry Pratchett.

Famous for his Discworld novels, Sir Terry is a longstanding fan of he band, and booked them to play at his 60th birthday party.

The band’s new album is based on his Wintersmith novel, a tale of ancient rituals and secret folk dances.

Fans attending the Waterside gig can get a taste of the new songs along with the familiar classics and gems.

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