New legislation forces district council into recycle stop gap

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A district council has been forced to take temporary measures in order to cope with a change in the rules on recycling.

South Northants Council made the move after new legislation banned carboard with ink on it from being processed along with garden waste.

Before last week cardboard, including cereal boxes, frozen food packets, boxes, greeting cards and corrugated card, were collected in the green bin along with garden rubbish.

But Since April 2 the council has been collecting cardboard waste from black recycling boxes, along with plastics, cans, foil, soft drink bottles, plastic milk bottles yoghurt pots, plastic food trays, margarine tubs and aerosol cans.

The green bins will be for garden waste only. Residents are being told if there is too much cardboard for the black box, it can be tied together and left it in a secure place alongside the box. Alternatively plastics and cans can be left in clear bags or carriers and board in the black box.

SNC cabinet member Dermot Bambridge said the stop gap will also save money and added: “This is a stepping stone to future changes that will help with recycling more and the potential expansion of the service.

“The council is looking to introduce food waste and a bigger, better recycling scheme.

“This may mean replacing the current recycling boxes with a bin. Our fleet renewal due next year will also give us opportunity to improve the way we recycle.”