New mayor Mahi: ‘I want to make the town proud’

Mayor of Buckingham Andy Mahi
Mayor of Buckingham Andy Mahi

The town’s new mayor promised to ‘put Buckingham on the map’ as he donned his golden regalia for the first time.

Andy Mahi was elected mayor for the next year at a special Buckingham Town Council meeting on Monday night.

Andy Mahi

Andy Mahi

The town’s deputy mayor will be Paul Hirons and there will be an official reception on May 29.

“What a surprise and privilege,” Mr Mahi said. “To think someone thinks I am worthy of being mayor.

“I want to give so much to the town and really put Buckingham on the map. I want to make the town proud.”

Mr Mahi, who has lived in Buckingham since 1991, was born in India and schooled in Uganda. He then moved to the UK to do his A-Levels in Uxbridge and went on to study Modern Studies at Staffordshire University.

He lives in Burleigh Piece in Buckingham with his wife Lesley and their pet cat Tiggy.

Their daughter, Leah, 30, lives around the corner.

Mr Mahi travelled Europe as a street manager for construction company Taylor Woodrow before retiring as 
a Tesco delivery driver last year.

Alongside his town councillor duties, he cares for Lesley, who has multiple sclerosis. Because of his wife’s condition, Leah will be mayoress of the town.

Mr Mahi, who served as deputy mayor for the past year, thanked outgoing mayor Lisa O’Donoghue for her hard work.

He said: “She did the best job she could do and I admire her for that.”

Mrs O’Donoghue thanked Buckingham Golf Club for welcoming her to a memorable event and thanked the town’s schools for inviting her to celebrate student successes at ceremonies.

Mrs O’Donoghue suffers from peripheral neuropathy, which causes chronic pain and numbness in her legs, feet and hands, as a result of chemotherapy six years ago.

She said: “Being mayor wasn’t something I entered into lightly.

“Being disabled, living with chronic pain and having part-time jobs that I love meant learning to juggle.

“After beating cancer, I want to live a full life with no regrets.

“Yet I couldn’t have done it without my family, mayoress Anita and husband Brian, friends, councillors and 
the great people of Buckingham.

“Thank you for all your support.”