New service promises homeless will spend ‘No second night out’

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A new service has launched to help homeless people in Aylesbury Vale and Cherwell.

This week saw the launch of the No Second Night Out initiative in this area.

The Bucks Oxon Single Homeless (BOSH) Group plan to tackle single homelessness and rough sleeping head on, as part of a national schemewhich has been successful in other parts of the country.

If someone is sleeping rough for the first time, a dedicated new local team will aim to make sure they don’t have to spend a second night out.

If you know or see someone sleeping rough, call 07793 834 871 or email

The team are committed a rapid response within 24 hours. They will respond to emails or calls received by 5pm and will go out early the following morning to visit the rough sleeper and offer them an emergency bed for the following night.

They will work with people who are sleeping rough and find practical ways to help them to move into settled accommodation.

The aim is to reach the target of ‘no second night out’ across Bucks, Oxon and Milton Keynes by the end of this year.

Outreach workers will assess people’s individual needs and circumstances to help them find a route out of rough sleeping.

They will then continue to work with them to help maintain settled accommodation make contact with other services.

The new frontline service is funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government, with Wycombe District Council acting as the lead authority to drive the BOSH project forwards.

The ‘joined-up’ approach crosses traditional local authority boundaries, spanning Bucks, Oxon and Milton Keynes and nine different council districts, including Aylesbury Vale and Cherwell.