New street in Buckingham to be named after popular pub landlord

Keith Templeman
Keith Templeman

Four new houses built off of Western Avenue in Buckingham town centre have had their street named after a popular local landlord who sadly passed away unexpectedly two years ago.

The landlord of The Mitre pub, Keith Templeman, suffered a heart attack while on holiday in the South of France in 2016.

Soldiers at The Battle of The Somme where one of the Dunkley family fought and died in 1916

Soldiers at The Battle of The Somme where one of the Dunkley family fought and died in 1916

The 59-year-old's pub had been named as pub of the year by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) in 2015.

The new street is to be called Templeman Place.

Initially Buckingham Town Council had suggested that the street be named after the Dunkley Family, who lost three of its members in the First World War including at famous battles The Somme and Paschendaele.

The Dunkley family had lived just around the corner from Western Avenue.

Mayor Jon Harvey wrote on Facebook:

“I think an opportunity to commemorate WW1 with a suitable name in this 100th anniversary year has been lost.”

The Mayor passionately expressed his support for naming a street after the much-loved Keith Templeman to this paper but felt the Western Avenue development was a particularly good fit for recognising the Dunkley family sacrifices.

By coincedence, property opposite the new development is called 'Verdun' which is the name of another pivotal battle during the war.

There was also some frustration at BTC being usurped by AVDC on street naming. Mr Harvey said:

“One of the things the town council ought to be able to do is name the streets in our town.”

AVDC commented:

“AVDC is the authority with the responsibility for street naming across the Vale.In this instance, both the developer and the town council put forward sensible and acceptable suggestions for consideration by AVDC. The developer’s suggestion had local significance to Buckingham, met the relevant criteria and was a fitting tribute to a well-respected local man.

“The street name Dunkley does also have a lot of local significance, and AVDC would actively support the future naming of a street after this local family name.”